How long is the shipping time?

- You can generally expect your order within 7-14 business days.

Does the tool lie flat or does the threaded part stick out the back causing it to rock on flat surfaces?

- Yes, the tool will lie flat on the surface and should not rock.

Does this come with the square to cut for holes?

- Yes, this template tool comes with 5 round hole cutters of different sizes.

Are all parts metal? Are the round apertures aluminum?

- The ruler is metal, but the apertures are ABS Engineered plastic.

What size and thread are the bolts?

- The tool is equipped with 10*3mm flat head bolts.

Will it give you the actual degree of an angle?

- No, it unfortunately doesn't. The main purpose of this tool is to match an already existing angle. 

How thick is the aluminum?

- The thickness is 5mm and the ruler is sturdy enough to not break or bend i.e when put into a toolbox with other items in it.